Copy Protection Saga

It took 2 evenings, but I won! My kids have TV programs on their portable gadgets. It's pretty easy now that I have the right tool for the job. That tool is called TVHarmony. In fact, it's so easy my kids will be downloading the shows themselves by the weekend. Just wish someone had told me that before I wasted 2 whole evenings looking for the right tool.

Of course now that I've defeated the evil copy protection monster there's nothing preventing me from distributing copyrighted material to whomever I choose. Nothing but ethics (and the law) that is. I could probably even figure out a way to make money from it if I really wanted to. That's my point. The copy protection protected exactly nothing. Even someone as stupid as I am can see that.


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kippur said...


Now see if you can use one of those gagets to make the check engine light on my car turn off so I can sell it!!! This car has it out for me...