Cold and Rainy Weekend

We got a taste of what it should be like in Minnesota in April this weekend. So I caught up on my sleep and saw some movies. The best was A Life Without Pain. I found it on comcast digital's on demand free movies list.

We also said goodbye to Father David Blume today. He's not going far - just heading a few miles north to be pastor at St Patrick's in Oak Grove. He's only been at St Stephens for a couple years, but he was there for us through some tough times. He came to Children's Hospital to baptize Luke before his first surgery and said mass Luke's funeral. Just as we were about to leave, Father Blume remembered that there was a mis-comminication for the altar server training and that Lauren only made it for the last few minutes. So as he was trying to figure out how he was going to be sure to get Lauren trained, I pointed out that she served at mass today. With that revelation, he realized he could let that one go. We'll miss you Father Blume.

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