Rally for Darfur

An op-ed piece in the strib today got me to thinking. What can we do when we hear of atrocities that are happening on the other side of the globe? We live in a global village. But we can't all cross the globe to help feed the hungry in Darfur. We can speak to others in the village who may be unaware of the situation. Awareness is the first step. Once we villagers are aware of the problem, we can find a way to put a stop to it. There is strength in numbers and our numbers are many.

Too few in this global village are aware of what's happening the Darfur region of Sudan. And now the problems are spreading into Chad. We, the global villagers, need to wake up. Many rallies will be held on April 30 to help get the word out. Information about the rally in St. Paul can be found here. For fellow U.S. citizens, there are web forms that only take a few minutes to complete.

Thanks for reading - and Happy Easter.


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