Hope Springs Eternal

We wrapped up spring training for the JV team yesterday afternoon. Even with this rookie head coach, I think we're ready for the season opener against Meadow Creek on Monday. I'm happy to report my KHPBP is still at a nice even 1.00. That's kids hit per batting practice. It's been a new kid each time too. This coach doesn't play favorites.

I was surprised to find out I've got 3 kids who are academically ineligible for our first game. All 3 having trouble in the same subject. A coincidence or do we have a teacher who needs a little priority setting sit down with the dean, athletic director, and coach? That's a joke by the way.



kippur said...

Good luck tommorrow. What's your teams name?

Hey, I finally got back on the ball and made a post. I'll never make the A list at this rate.

Steve said...

We're the Angels.