Infield Dirt On My Shoes

The St Stephens JV White got through their first 2 games. Monday was a miserable cold and wet afternoon. Like Charlie Brown has been praying for rain in the strib all week, so should have we. We got through it though, and the boys were back for more on a much nicer Wednesday afternoon. The sun was shining and Evan was making his first start at pitcher - ever. He struck out 5 in his 2 innings of work and we were in the game. We had a rough time in the 3rd, giving up 9 runs, but other than that, we played with St Vincents. Final score was 15-2. A marked improvement over our 25-0 loss in the first game against Meadow Creek.

We're the only school in the league fielding 2 JV teams, and someone decided to load up JV Blue with all the 7th graders. So we're playing 5th & 6th grade boys against teams starting primarily 7th graders. But I'm proud of the boys for hanging in there and giving their all.

On another topic, Deanna wrote about Luke on a support website for parents dealing with prenatal health issues.

Finally, my Vikes are going with the purple pants! I was hoping they'd stay more traditional and just bring back the purple pants with white jerseys on the road. But these uniforms aren't so bad. Now if we can just get the state legislature to do their jobs and get us that new ballpark for the Twins...

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kippur said...

Sounds like you're gettin some good play outta the underdogs!

And I for one really like the new Uni's

(I updated your link, so stop whining)