Cover Your Cough

Alondra's doctor appointment went well. The doctor said she's fine and as long as she doesn't get sick he expects she'll have no problems. If she does get sick, he recommends we use the nebulizer and he's confident we know the signs and will get her the help she might need.

So the plan is to have another bronchial exam the last week of June. That'll give Alondra's airway time to heal from last week and he'll get a good look at exactly how narrow it is. He suspects he'll discover that her airway is too narrow and will recommend corrective surgery sooner as opposed to later. But he admits he's been wrong before and she may not need the procedure. But if she does, it would mean a 4 to 6 week stay in the hospital. After that, she should have no further issues.

Then we had the opportunity to have her hearing tested. We knew Alondra was able to hear again. And the test confirmed it. She passed with flying colors in her left ear, but the right only passed some of the tests. The technician suspects the trouble with the right ear had more to do with how hard it is to test an infant than Alondra's hearing. So she recommended we try again in a few months and see if she does better. Nothing to be alarmed about.

So if you plan on holding Alondra, you will be washing your hands first. And please cover your coughs.

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