A Heartbreaker

Down by 2 runs in the bottom of the 6th ( we only play 6). Andy gets us started with a sharp base hit to left. Matt quickly follows with another base hit, 2 runners on, nobody out. Evan hits a ground ball to 2nd, Matt is out at 2nd on a fielders choice and Andy scores. We're down by 1, only 1 out. Evan steals second, but is caught on a close play going for 3rd. Ian walks bringing Joey to the plate. As Joey and the pitcher dual it out, Ian makes his way to 3rd. No small feat - Ian isn't our fastest kid. Joey hits a dribbler in front of the plate and makes a mad dash for first. He knows if he can beat the throw Ian will score and at worst we're into extra innings. As Ian crosses the plate, the catcher makes the throw to first and Joey is out by inches.

We lost 5-4. All this without our star player - the academic ineligibility thing. At least it isn't spanish this time.


kippur said...

Dang! I was holding my breath through the whole thing. (Even though I knew what happened from the title). You really shouldnt give it away in the title like that. Sounds like the boys are pickin it up!

What's the signal for stolen base? Do you tug on your left ear? And was it your idea to send the slow kid to third? Nice move if it was, that had to be a moral boost.

Steve said...

Dude - I'm the head coach, not the base coach. We've got a couple older brothers pulling base coach duty. The signals are the traditional stop or move along you would see a traffic cop use. Some days I think that's too complicated - the slow kid had the stop sign all day.