Zoned Out

We were very surprised when the docs decided to let us take Alondra home yesterday. They thought she had been off the respirator for 24 hours and was doing fine. So the risk of catching something at the hospital should be avoided if possible.

Aondra was zoned out all day. Withdrawls from the meds. She got a little fussy last night. She had some awful diapers. She wouldn't lay on her back so we called and the doc suggested having her sleep in her car seat. We did that and she did sleep through the night. At times her breaths were a little more labored than others, but nothing too alarming.

This morning we woke up and we can see our daughter's personality is back. That's a wonderful feeling. But she's still not feeling well. She was fussy enough and breathing hard enough that at about 7 Deanna and I decided we would shower and then take her back to Children's and have them look at her.

While Deanna was in the shower, I just walked around with her and she seemed to be doing a lot better. Deanna gave her a dose of Tylenol and she's just hanging out now. Certainly not her usual bouncy self, but she seems OK. For a little girl who just spent several days on a vent and has a bug of some sort. Hopefully she's back to normal soon.

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