Well it's official - Matt's had 2 perfect seasons in a row. Undefeated last year, to winless this year. Our 2nd baseman didn't show Wednesday, so I pulled Matt in from the outfield. He ended up with 4 put outs. Guess this old coach isn't the best judge of where the kids should be playing. Think that has something to do with the record?

We still get to play in the tournament. We go up against another winless team, Heritage Academy, in the consolation bracket on Tuesday. Then once we win that one we take on the cross town rivals - Epiphany on Thursday. I've got a work thing Thursday and can't make it to the game. A couple other Dad's are going to cover for me. So it sounds to me like we'll end the season with a winning streak.

Also found out I'm a professional baseball coach. The AD left a message that he had my check ready - who knew? My guess is it'll be enough to buy a DQ for the boys after we get the team picture taken.

Now we're looking forward to softball. Lauren's team won Wednesday. Almost forgot what that was like...

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