Outpatient Recovery Room Etiquette

So there we are, Deanna and I, waiting for Alondra to come back and join us in the recovery room. She was in to have tubes placed in her ear drums to allow the fluid that's gathered behind them to drain. Usually a simple procedure, but in our case not so. More on that later. Anyway, the room is crowded. There are a couple dozen beds in there, all but a few are full. And most have their full allotment of visitors. Add the nurses and assorted equipment and you have a pretty crowded room.

Suddenly, we hear a loud cry from the next room. That's where the patients stay to wake up from the anesthetic. Only nurses, patients, and doctors allowed in there. Deanna and I look at each other trying to recognize the cry. One of the nurses looks up from her desk. Is that your daughter, she asks. We both nod, yeah - we think that's Alondra.

A few minutes later, in walks a nurse with our daughter. If it was quiet in this room before, there's no doubt, it's not now. The screaming went on for a good 10 minutes. It seemed a lot longer because it was loud. Did I say that already? Well it was.

We're pretty sure it was an upset stomach from the anesthetic. She had a couple big burps and that seemed to make her feel better. But she was not a happy camper. We're home now and she's all smiles.

Regarding the tubes - that didn't work out today. Alondra's ear canals are so small, the hospital didn't have small enough instruments to get the job done. The doctor cleaned out all the impacted wax she could. She got the left ear pretty well - even saw her ear drum. That's the first time it's been observed. This only confirmed there is fluid buildup behind the ear drum and tubes will be required. Now to find a hospital with small enough instruments. Sounds like another visit to Children's is in our future.

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