A Great Day

When I got to the hospital this morning I was greeted by that familiar smile that I hadn't seen since Monday. Alondra was awake and quite ready to get those tubes out of her nose. We visited for a while, just looking at each other. Though Alondra had already figured out that she needed to watch every move anyone in blue made. So Camille got more attention than I did.

About 7 Alondra fell back asleep at took a nice 2 hour nap. She woke back up just as everyone was preparing for the extubation. That was accomplished about 9:45 and Alondra has done wonderfully since. The nurses and doctors are all very impressed with her airflow given her small airway. She had a couple blow by doses of oxygen in that first hour. Then some nebs since (which she hates). She's a little disoriented and not quite able to balance sitting up yet. But that's expected after several days of meds.

To the ENT docs surprise, the trach is looking less likely by the minute. The plan is to have Alondra spend 1 more night in the PICU. If she continues to do well, tomorrow she'll be moved to another unit for more observation. Then we'll see what comes after that.

I picked Matt and Lauren up after school and they were eager to see their baby sister now that she's doing so much better. So we made the trip down there for a short visit. Deanna, Matt, Lauren and I had dinner together in the cafeteria and then I took the older kids home.

Just as I walked in the door the phone rang and it was our lawyer with news of our court date to finalize Alondra's adoption. That's going to happen June 9 at 2:30. So I called Deanna at the hospital with the news. She mentioned Alondra had just finished up her first bottle. Sucked the whole thing down in 10 minutes. So she's doing great. It's been a great day.

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kippur said...

Wow that's a whole lot of good news all wrapped in one.

Mom said she got to come home too. Very good news.

(Congratulations by the way! On the adoption)