Several reasons to be hopeful today:

1) The peace treaty signed by the rebel leaders in Darfur and the Sudanese government.
2) Lauren's softball team is gearing up for the season opener Monday night.
3) Matt's team held the lead for the first time this season in yesterday's game.
4) It's a nice sunny spring morning - and it's Saturday!

So what am I doing typing on this silly blog? Well, I'm supposed to re-seal the deck today and this sounds like more fun at the moment.

Matt's game was another close one. We only had 8 players and the rules state that we are hit with an automatic out every time the 9th batter would be up. In spite of that, we played with them. Final score was 7-6. We were tied at 6 going into the bottom of the 6th. The leadoff batter got a base hit and eventually scored the game winner.

One last thing - if you are a Minnesota resident, contact your state representative and tell them you support the twins ballpark bill. The one with no referendum attached. I did. It kept me off that ladder in the back yard for another 15 minutes.

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