Lost Weekend

The weather here hasn't been anything like this lately. This is from a hike in the Tetons a few summers back. There's some good in the bad weather. The deck is still only three quarters sealed. Well, that part isn't good. The good part is that I didn't have to spend the weekend on that ladder in the backyard.

Instead, Mom and the 2 older kids took in a flick while Dad and Alondra hung out at home. They saw Hoot. Matt and Lauren both had read the book and were eager to see it.

Then the rest of the weekend the kids and I spent slaying colossi like that one. I think that's the plural, isn't it? We've got 10 down and 6 to go. The last 6 will have to wait for another weekend.

Oh yeah - we also have a TV star in the house. Deanna was flipping the channels after her breakfast in bed and noticed the Saturday evening Mass was on. Lauren had one of the lead roles - alter server.

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janine the sister said...

We took the girls to see HOOT also this weekend!! It was really good!! Even Hannah enjoyed it!! Nice picture from the TETONS, GREAT memories for us there too that summer! Take care & see ya on June 4th @ Amanda's graduation! :o) Janine